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Stunt Dog Productions specializes in custom educational dog programs for Zoo's, Wildlife Parks, Aquariums, and Science Centers. In fact, our first cross country production was a 90-day production run in 2001 at the Long Island Game Farm & Wildlife park in New York. Since then we have produced numerous high-energy educational programs at prestiges venues such as the Discovery Science Center in California. This was part of the "Science of Canine" two-week event where we showcased our extreme canine stars.


Our stunt dog performances can take place on an indoor or outdoor stage, pavilion, in a theatre or amphitheater. We are flexible and can customize a production to fit your venue. Our shows have taken place in areas as small as 15 feet by 15 feet. However, our ideal stage space is 45 feet by 25 feet or larger.


Our wildlife park/zoo program is titled the "Stunt Dog Adventure" which has a jungle safari theme with bamboo and thatch set design (also since 2015 we call it the "All-Star Dog Challenge Show", which is a custom program we develped for the Indianapolis Zoo). We hand create and design our own props for each production, as needed. The scripts are professionally written and delivered. They can include your mission or special message. We pride ourselves with offering the best presentation in the industry and train using positive methods!


In 2015, we were contracted by the Indianapolis Zoo to produce a new canine program that would fit seamlessly within their park. This was an honor and included working directly with their education team for approval. Our mission was to develop a program that not only entertained their audience, but also educated them as well. So with keeping the Indianapolis Zoo's goals and mission in mind we set out to create this new stunt dog, frisbee dog, and trick dog program. Our first step was to develop a structured outline that made sense. Then we spent hours doing research and script writing. Our focus was on producing a show that felt as though it belong and had purpose. So we began with key speaking points to educate the audience, by offering comparisons of the domestic canine and their wild cousins: foxes, jackals, wolves, and coyotes. This created a natural experience that felt as though it "belonged" in this environment. The kids and adults alike could relate to this easy to understand comparison approach. We would then insert key education points in-between the "all-star dog" performances. The entertainment factor would remain extremely important in order to keep the interest of our audience. So we entertain while we educate, and educate while we entertain. It's a simple concept really, and fits well within the goals and mission of the Indianapolis Zoo. This new program even includes a "Prey Drive Challenge"TM which tests the natural prey drive of our domestic stars while showcasing the three most popular dog sports: Agility, Fly-ball, and Frisbee. This in turn encourages everyone to do more with their dogs at home!


Domestic canines are members of the "Canis familiaris" species and come in 100's of different breeds. They have a lot in common with their wild counterparts, but they are both very athletic and extremely intelligent. Our shows demonstrate this unique comparison and leave the audience with a newfound understand of the species. Not to mention everyone is left with a sincere desire to adopt their next pet, as all our dogs have been adopted and rescued from pounds and shelters from across the country.





Long Island Wildlife Park & Game Farm - Long Island, NY (2001 & 2002) - 3 months

Indianapolis Zoo & White River Gardens - Indianapolis, Indiana (2015-2020) - 5 years

Discovery Science Center - Santa Ana, CA (2006)