Chris Perondi, Stunt Dogs, Frisbee dog show, trick dog show, Stunt Dog Experience, stunt dog show, trick dog show, dog act, animal act, stage show, comedy show, kid's series show, dog act, ultimate canines, mutts gone nuts, k9 entertainment, cool dogs, pet stars, all star dogs, dog stars.

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Chris Perondi, Stunt Dogs, Frisbee dog show, trick dog show, Stunt Dog Experience, stunt dog show, trick dog show, dog act, animal act, stage show, comedy show, kid's series show, dog act, ultimate canines, mutts gone nuts, k9 entertainment, cool dogs, pet stars, all star dogs, dog stars.

Chris Perondi, Stunt Dogs, Frisbee dog show, trick dog show, Stunt Dog Experience, stunt dog show, trick dog show, dog act, animal act, stage show, comedy show, kid's series show, dog act, ultimate canines, mutts gone nuts, k9 entertainment, cool dogs, pet stars, all star dogs, dog stars.

Chris Perondi starts dog training as a hobby with an Australian Cattle dog he adopted and named "Pepper"
Started Northern/Central California's first Frisbee Dog Club titled "Northern California Disc Dogs Extreme". Adopted two new dogs: Soaring Sierra & Jumping Jaz. Donna Perondi tailors custom dog show vests for the stars to wear during competitions and demos. (and continues tailoring them for all current productions)

Chris Perondi and Trish Fitzgerald create the "Extreme Canines Show" with Extreme Pepper, Soaring Sierra, Jumping Jaz, and the 4th original star Air Ripley. Performed half-time and sidelines entertainment for every home game at Candlestick Park for the S.F. 49ers. Teamed up with Aerobie Inc. to exclusively use the safe and durable flying "Superdisc".

Produced 70 shows part-time; won the National Finals at the Incredible Dog Challenge. Appeared on the CBS EARLY SHOW and was featured in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE. Received 45+ seconds of air time on ABC's Monday Night Football; and continued to perform at every home game for the S.F. 49ers. Hosted the Disc Dog Extreme Games on Outdoor Life Network for the Top Dogs TV Show.
Chris Perondi leaves his Information Technology job, sells the house, buys an RV and goes full time in the entertainment industry. Booked a "three" month contract at a wildlife park in Long Island New York and performed two shows daily from Memorial Day until Labor Day on a small carpeted stage. Hosted the 2nd Disc Dog Extreme Games on Outdoor Life Network for the Top Dogs TV Show. Appeared on FOX SPORTS YOU GOTTA SEE THIS! Came up with the "What kind of fun are you having?" chant: "DOG-GONE FUN!"

Re-booked the Long Island Game Farm & Wildlife Park for the entire summer. The Wildlife park marketed the show as a "Stunt Dog Show". Started pursuing shows nationally in the fair industry and joins the I.A.F.E and W.F.A. The slogan "It's Fur Flying Family Fun" was adopted for show marketing and promotion.

Updated the logo and changed the show name to the "Extreme Canines Stunt Dog Show". Produced over 230+ shows across the country; including FIVE state fairs (Alaska, Missouri, South Carolina, Georgia-Carolina, and Alabama) and over a dozen Minor League Baseball Teams. Invited as a guest on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (3/3/03). Animal Planet's Pet Star episode winner hosted by Mario Lopez with star Soaring Sierra. Also appeared on Pet Star in three seperate episodes with Soaring Sierra and Air Ripley.

Booked our first major theme park for the summer (DOLLYWOOD) in Pigeon Forge, TN. We continued our success in the fair industry and produced over 450 shows; including our first year at the Tulsa State Fair. Added a second touring team. Casted for a car commercial (Suzuki XL-7) with Matt Gallant, which aired nationally on Animal Planet. Appeared on Animal Planet's Amazing Animals and Funniest Animals.

Landed a THREE year contract for a stage show at the Worlds of Fun Theme Park in Kansas City, MO. Produced over 700 shows in the U.S. and Canada between two touring units. Created a training video titled "How to make your dog the neighborhood star! Flying Disc Training". Star trainer Samantha Valle joined the team.
Booked THREE major theme parks: ValleyFair!, Stone Mountain Park, and Worlds of Fun (2nd year). Produced over 900 shows in the U.S. and Canada between three touring units; including the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, CA. Star trainer Zak George joined the team for three years.
Final year at the Worlds of Fun theme park. Invited as a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Team members appeared on WE Network's America's Cutest Puppies and Sabato Gigante on Univision.
Over 185 days of shows during the year between two touring units. Some of our largest productions included the Iowa State Fair, Nebraska State Fair, North Dakota State Fair, State Fair of Louisiana, and the Los Angeles County Fair. Invited as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Started putting together ideas for creating an all new show.
Introduced the "STUNT DOG EXPERIENCE". An all new 6o-minute show featuring incredible challenges, amazing tricks, comedy skits, and a human sized dog mascot. Produced our first performing arts theatre show in Hammond, LA at the Columbia Theatre; then continued a successful theatre tour on the east coast. Samantha Valle made an appearance on Zak George's new TV show "Superfetch". Suhey Velez (now Suhey Perondi) and Anthony Ortiz join the team.
Chris Perondi's "STUNT DOG EXPERIENCE" debuts as a headline act at the Silver Dollar City theme park in Branson, MO. This 55 day production attracted sold out shows three times daily. The official "Diggy The Dog" mascot is created and born. Star trainer Abby Cline joins the team leading a new touring unit; as Trish Fitzgerald finishes her final season on the team.
The success of the Stunt Dog Experience shined as Silver Dollar City contracted for a second year. Chris Perondi updated the script and created a new episode called the "Golden Bone Showdown". Started a new dog training video series titled "The Stunt Dog Guy presents: Vol 1: Flying Disc Training". Steve Collier joins the team as a dog handler and mascot performer. Stunt Dog Productions signs a THREE year sponsorship deal with DICK VAN PATTEN'S NATURAL BALANCE PET FOODS, INC.
The Dollywood Theme Park books the Stunt Dog Experience to perform shows daily in their Celebrity Theatre. Primesports hires Stunt Dog Productions to produce shows at their hospitality tent for the annual Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. We provide entertainment for the 2nd year at the Great New York State Fair!
The Stunt Dog Experience is brought back to the Silver Dollar City Theme Park for a third time appearance at the Red/Gold Heritage Hall Theatre. Chris Perondi creates a second volume to the "Stunt Dog Guy" dog training video series titled "Vol 2: Tips and Tricks". Sponsorship support continues with our favorite Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. Produced multiple performing arts theatre shows across the east coast. Appeared on Despierta America live from Central Park New York. Chris and Suhey Perondi were married in Lodi, CA on October 26th, 2013.

Stunt Dog Productions teams up with the Lucy Pet Foundation to help promote spay & /neutering by performing during the 125th Annual Rose Parade Float. This performance was produced on a moving float for a crowd of over 700,000 during the 5.5 mile parade route. This performance also received worldwide TV coverage for over 80 million in viewership across every major TV network. We also made the front page cover photo of the LA TIMES on January 2nd due to this appearance. We were invited as a guest on the Queen Latifah Show and on Good Day Sacramento for the 4th time. Chris Perondi's "Stunt Dog Experience" headlines as a stand-alone 90-minute act at the Clay Cooper Theatre in Branson, MO from May 26th until August 8th. This performing arts theatre production included a cast of NINE human performers and 16 performing dogs.

Chris Perondi develops and produces a new entertaining and educational program for the Indianapolis Zoo in Indiana titled the "All-Star Dog Challenge". This is a seven and a half month production running March 21st until October 26th.The Perondi's also announce three new show programs: the Stunt Dog Adventure, the All-Star Stunt Dogs - Challenge & Splash, and Fido's Got Talent. Chris and Suhey Perondi along with their star Crazy Confetti are featured on NatGeo Wild. The one-hour special is titled "World's Greatest Dogs". The Perondi's are featured in a full page spread in a special edition of USA TODAY on May 14th! The first show featuring the new "ALL-STAR STUNT DOGS - CHALLENGE" program is produced at Six Flags of America in Maryland.




The biggest thanks goes to God for all these amazing opportunities and blessing our lives with these wonderful creatures we call "Dogs"!


We give a HUGE thanks to MOM & DAD (Lon and Donna Perondi) for all the love, advice, encouragement, and support over the years. The show would not be the same without either of you!


Thank you's also go out to everyone in our family, our friends, and all our fans. Special thanks to Ray Masel, the Williams Family, Gilbert Family, Strawn Family, and Gibson Family for all your support and encouragement over the years. Thanks to Aerobie for providing us with the safest most durable flying disc's for our dogs; the "Aerobie Superdisc".


We would also like to acknowledge all the rescue organizations, shelters, and people involved with supporting pet adoption. Keep up the great work everyone! Special thanks to the following non-profits making a huge difference in the over poplution problem in our country including: "A Place To Berlin", "Wags and Whiskers/Jodi Baur", and "Hope For Paws/Eldad Hagar" and the "Lucy Pet Foundation/Joey Herrick".


"Adopt one until there are none; and please remember to spay/neuter your pets everyone!" - Chris Perondi























































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